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I want to take a moment to thank you for your interest in my book, The Peace Perspective. Also, I want to share with you why this book means so much to me. The Peace Perspective captures my deepest beliefs and reflects my life purpose. Helping people, especially children, find their own peace is, I believe, my life calling. Mire, my birth name, is derived from the word "mir" which means peace in Macedonian. My birth name foreshadowed my path in life.

The path was fully realized when I left my job as a Controller, in December 2012, to pursue the completion of The Peace Perspective. After over 25 years in the accounting field, I knew my time had come to follow my passion. Raising three sons, coaching children in sports for 10 years, and teaching a children's self-esteem class part time for 15 years, were all very rewarding accomplishments. However, I knew that I had a new life mission to pursue. This new mission all started with the completion of my book.

The Peace Perspective is important because the book helps people, especially parents of young children, see there is a higher perspective that can lift humanity back to its natural state. This natural state awakens our true essence. From this perspective, we react to life with calm and serenity. As the book explains, this process is not complicated with endless steps to follow. It only involves us replacing our separate ego with our universal essence. By knowing our true self, which is timeless and powerful, we not only help ourselves, but we also help our children to face life with a new sense of awareness.

What makes all this possible is a belief in who we really are.  This shift in our perspective changes everything. With this new knowledge, we realize we are already complete and stop seeking completion outside of ourselves.

My hope is that this book helps parents find their own peace perspective. By finding peace within, we can help lift ourselves, our children, and the world toward a more satisfying and peaceful existence.  Again, I want to thank you for your interest in my book. I hope that you find your own peace perspective and share it with your children and the world.

If you read The Peace Perspective and enjoy it, please help me spread the word by telling your family and friends, promoting the book through your social media sites, and by leaving a five star review on Amazon.  I appreciate your help in making this world a more peaceful place.

To change the world, it will take visionary people like you to make a real difference. By living your life with peace and compassion, you will affect all that you touch. We need to be the change we want to see in the world.  By being the example, for our children and others, we convey that there really is a better way to live. The Peace Perspective can happen, but only, if it starts with you!

                                                             ~Mike Markovski