What a wonderful book!!! It can and will help you find peace within yourself, contentment in life, good in yourself and others. It helps you find the calmness in this hectic fast paced egocentric world we live in.

~Jasmina Misajlovski Ilkovi, Property Mgmt Professional (Michigan)

The book is so inspiring and builds much hope for parents in raising their kids in a way they know their kids will grow to be those kids every parent will be proud to have.The book gives motivation and raises that inner confidence and belief in one self. Hence it should be a must read for all parents around the globe.

~Maureen Tusubirah, Travel Agent & Teacher (Uganda)

Your depth and sincerity in writing, compassion for our young ones that depend upon our "moral" knowledge and guidance, coupled with your belief in the goodness of man inspires me to the core.

~Don Julio Papp, Father (Michigan)

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Your book needs to be given out at every parenting class or as a gift at every baby shower. It contains infinite wisdom for new parents when it is needed most, as there are no courses as how to parent, not even at Harvard!!!

~Simon Zdraveski, Author, Philanthropist, Harvard Graduate (Australia)

I have your book and love the presentations and knowledge. A wonderful guide & tool for everyone.
~Arvetta Souza, Author & Live Peace Into Being Founder (Massachusetts)   www.livepeaceintobeing.org

My children are all grown up and I still LOVE THIS BOOK.  I've been telling everyone to read it. The Peace Perspective is so inspiring!

~Judy Biggs Adams, Retired Mom (Michigan)

The Peace Perspective is proving to be a pebble dropped in the sea, causing a ripple effect that is spreading quickly around the world. The book is more important than any I've read. The book discusses not being afraid to change the world by first "awakening" our own consciousness to live in the moment in our "True Natural Peaceful Selves." Every prenatal clinic in the world should give this book to parents before their babies are born to ensure they have a life filled with love and harmony.

~Lucille Orr, Author & Businesswoman (Australia)

I have read your book and love it. The book has so much wisdom. It is a priceless civilizational contribution and a big fortune for everyone who has this book in their library.
~Saso Ognenovski, Actor, Director & Author (Macedonia)

While the book focuses heavily on raising self-esteem within kids, it is also loaded with sage advice for adults...I'm confident when you read the book, you will benefit from the wisdom within Mike's own life and the success strategies he shares.
~Tony Rubleski, Author & Professional Speaker (Michigan)